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Ease into the Winter season.

Winter has finally arrived with its blistery cold winds and broken boilers. We are lucky to have underfloor heating in the kitchen so that’s where we’re spending most of our time. Or else we cram all our favourite things into the smallest room in the house and put our trusted oil radiator on in there. I’d be glad when the boiler is fixed but I’ve learnt to like our cosy evenings.

We really should try to embrace the cosy part of winter season – the bit where one snuggles in their favourite armchair with a book or a box set to watch, the house smells of freshly baked mince pies and the soft woolly blanket hugs our shoulders. Or if you are Danish, you can just say “hygge” to describe all of this.

As a result, we have implemented almost all of the above tips almost without thinking. Read on to see if you find some of these Chinese Medicine tips useful.

Winter season is governed by Water element – the quietest yet the most powerful of them all in my opinion. It is reflected in many a proverb and never cease to amaze me how water can break through even toughest of materials by quiet persistence. Water element is responsible for our drive and determination in life. Wisdom and calculated risks spring to mind when thinking of this element. The emotion of Water is fear and healthy Water helps with knowing when to back off and when to “go for it”.

The organs governed by Water are Kindleys and Bladder. This is a good time to wear a haramaki (Japanese belly warmer), we feel the need to sleep and eat more, rest and restore our energy ready for the spur of new growth in Spring.

Bone broth, fish and beans are foods beneficial for Kidneys but you should of course always listen to your body, it lets you know what’s best for you.

Here are some easy steps to support your Kidney energy:

· Stomp your feet, slowly and with flat feet, for about 5 minutes a day. This stimulates your Kidney’s energy as the feet are associated with the Kidney and Bladder meridians, which run through the heel and to the sole of the foot. Or simply roll the soles of your feet on a tennis ball to stimulate your Kidney energy.

· Rub your ears for several minutes a day. This simple massage strengthens Kidney function, as the ears are connected energetically to the Kidney organ and meridian.

· Stop energy drains! Conserve your energy by sleeping before midnight, resting when you’re tired, and giving yourself permission to take a break and de-stress.

· There is a very simple Qigong exercise to bring the energy and nourish your kidneys, contact me if you want to know more.

And of course, try to get outside, even if briefly, to take in that crisp fresh air!

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